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If your budget will allow go with a bit bigger generator than you think will do the job. A bit more power is better than a shortage of power. Keeping in mind this is a long-term purchase.

Generac Generators

XG Series

The premium quality power and reliable performance of Generac’s XG Series comes from Generac’s OHVI® engine. Depend on this rugged unit to provide years of reliable power to your event or job site.

Features common to all XG Series generators include:

  • Generac's OHVI engine is designed specifically for generators. Lasts three to four times longer than competitive engines.
  • Heavy duty, hardened steel tube cradle, full-wrap frame tubing and impact resistant corners for durability.
  • Illuminated Control Panel for improved visibility.
  • Power Bar monitors wattage usage.
  • Low-Oil Pressure Protection to protect engine from damage.
  • Covered Outlets for more protection from the environment.
  • Start/Stop Fuel Shut-Off and Choke Controls conveniently located on control panel.
  • GFCI Circuit Breaker for added protection.
  • External Battery Charge Jack on electric start models.
  • Hour Meter with maintenance resets tracks usage.

Generac Generator - XG8000E
Generac Generators XG8000E

Model: 5847
Running Watts: 8,000
Starting Watts: 10,000


  • Electric start on 8000E for easy start up.
  • Generac’s OHVI™ is the only engine designed specifically for generator use, providing the reliability needed to run for hours on the job site, and days or even weeks during an outage.
  • Compact and durable construction with oversize full-wrap frame tubing and one of the best power-to-size rations on the market.
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly control panel includes engine controls (start/stop, fuel shut-off, choke), PowerBar™ watt meter, and LED illumination for easy, convenient operation.
  • Low-Oil pressure protection to protect the engine from damage.
  • Circuit breaker outlet protection including dual breakers on 120/240V outlets and GFCI protection on 120V outlets.
  • Maintenance kit included.
  • Plug-In Battery Charger to keep the battery charged and ready to go is included with electric start models.


AC Rated Output 8.0kW / 8,000 Watts
AC Maximum Output 10.0 kW / 10,000 Watts
AC Voltage 120V/240V
AC Frequency 60 Hz
120 VAC Amperage Rated 33.3/Max 41.7
240 VAC Amperage Rated 33.3/Max 41.7

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