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We Use AMSOIL D.I.Y. Maintenance For Air-Cooled Generators For Liquid Cooled
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Install the generator as close as possible to the fuel supply, to reduce the length of piping. A separate regulator for the genset is suggested.

Request for Generator Maintenance

Our maintenance program consists of:

  1. Check control panel for faults.
  2. Check coolant, fuel lines, flex hose, etc...
  3. Clean away any external debris and re-level unit.
  4. Drain oil and remove filter.
  5. Install new oil filter and oil - Amsoil 10w30 Commercial Grade Synthetic oil is used.
  6. Check choke operation.
  7. Change spark plugs and gap. Note condition of wires.
  8. Load test battery and top up battery if necessary, check connections.
  9. Change air filter. Note condition and proper positioning of air box boots and carburetor baffle. Check for cracks in rubber.
  10. Check operation of battery blanket/oil pan heater/ block heater.
  11. Check voltage and frequency and inspect overall electrical condition.
  12. Check running performance and notify if there are any problems.
  13. Wax exterior of Generator to help prevent premature fading or rusting.
  14. Leave you with one full bottle of Amsoil for top up use during the year.

1. Customer Information

Customers Name:
(Both Parties)
Billing Address:

2. Generator Information

Model #:
Cooling: Air Cooled Liquid Cooled

Address & Directions

3. Maintenance Program

All prices are calculated based on ONE generator. If you selected more than one generator, you will receive a custom quote.

Select Maintenance Time: Spring Fall  
Optional second visit (Visual check over only)
Note: Any parts and/or labour found to be required at that time would be an additional charge.  
Select Maintenance Plan:  
Air cooled 7 & 10 KW cost for the above service once per annum $267.00
EcoGen 6kW cost for the above service once per annum $299.00
Air cooled 11 - 22 KW cost for the above service once per annum $294.00
Liquid cooled 15 - 48 KW cost for the above service once per annum $439.00
Liquid cooled 60 KW cost for the above service once per annum $461.00
Liquid cooled 70 - 150 KW cost for the above service once per annum $524.00
  For larger generators please call or email for an estimate.  
Optional 24 Hour monitoring (when Freeze Alarm installed) $99.00
Select Maintenance Term:  
1 Year Contract - (no price increase protection included)  
3 Year Contract - (Full Payment Required, includes price protection)  
With rising fuel costs, a travel surcharge may apply.
We will notify you of this before you commit to a contract.
  Taxes (GST):

4. Payment & Terms


Terms & Conditions: The term of this Agreement will be for a period of one (1) or three (3) years or twelve or thirty-six consecutive months beginning on the date the email request is confirmed. This Agreement will automatically renew on its anniversary date, unless either party shall notify the other in writing at least 30 days prior to that date. If and when price adjustments would be necessary, it will happen at the end of the existing term. No claim for damages due to termination under the above stated information should arise against either party.

Customer agrees to pay for any necessary materials and labour over and above those required for regular maintenance if deemed necessary to keep generator in proper running order.

I agree with the Terms & Conditions.

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Do you have a second generator?
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