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It is really important to look after your generator whether it is a portable or automatic home standby unit. Either do your own scheduled maintenance or hire someone like us to do it for you. It will be just one less thing for you to worry about. The battery is the biggest problem with portables. They always seem to be dead when you need them, so check out our Battery Tenders listed on the accessories page.


Annual Maintenance Contract

The annual maintenance program allows us to catch potential problems while they are small or before they even have a chance to happen.

If you wish, service can be completed once a season but you can also book one mid-season visit for a visual check. We suggest your maintenance be completed a minimum of once per year. You may want to add a mid season visit as well. Although it is not 100% necessary, some business owners, cottagers or home owners feel a greater sense of security in doing so.

This is also a great time to add options that you didn't get or that may not have been available at the time of installation.

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Maintenance Kits for Air Cooled Generators

D.I.Y. Maintenance Kits for Standby Generators
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