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GenerLink Compatibility

Check the generators oil frequently, especially during or after an long power outage.


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WARNING! If you have an older style meter base (an A Base Meter) please click here.

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Product Information

Following Connectors are available L14-20, L14-30 and L14-50. Please choose the one that fits your generator.

Cord Connectors

Model Cord Length Desired Connector
MA23N - 30 AMP 20' 40' 60' *100'
MA24N - 50 AMP 20' 40' 60' *100'

GenerLink with Whole House Surge Protection built in

Model Cord Length Desired Connector
MA23S - 30 AMP 20' 40' 60' *100'
MA24S - 50 AMP 20' 40' 60' *100'

* Special Order: All 100' cord set are non stock items.

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