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GenerLink Compatibility

Make sure when you buy the GenerLink that your portable generator has the correct receptacle to power your home. It should be a 125V/250V 20Amp twist lock, 30Amp twist lock or 50Amp straight blade. Most 5000 watt generators or bigger will be ok. Not many 3000 watt or even 4000 watt generators will work. So please double check before you buy.


Cord Connectors

Generators have different connectors, depending on the type of generator, the type of power provided, and the size of the generator.

If you already have a generator, check to see if it matches one of the connectors shown here. If it does, then this is the connector that should be selected. These connectors are rated for 120/240V output, which is the type of power that runs your home.

There are many receptacle types on most generators.  Some are rated for 120V or 240V only. These are not the receptacles you want to use when powering your home with your portable generator.

Cord Connectors

If your generator does not have one of the connectors shown, it should not be used with GenerLinkTM. Please ask questions about connectors if you have a different connector.

If you are planning to purchase a generator, make sure that it has a connector that matches one of the three shown. We can suggest which generators you may want to consider if you send us a note.


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