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Extended Warranty

GenerLink Compatibility

NEW The GenerLink wireless RF Module. This module can be put inside your home allowing you to see when the Utility power comes back on without having to go outside and check the GenerLink indicator light. When the green light comes on you can shut your generator down. This will pay for itself in saved gas in no time. This module cannot be added to your existing GenerLink.


Safely Connect a Portable Generator To
Your Home Without Rewiring.


GenerLink™ is a new product that makes connecting a portable generator easy and safe while providing homeowners the flexibility of using a portable generator to operate virtually any appliance in their home.

The time is now to look into a new GenerLink - put it to use during the next power outage.



Call now to have your GenerLink within a few days. 

Control your Power, Control your Life!

Call: 1 888 489 1008 or 705 286 1003. 


Buy from Generator Solutions because, we know the product! We have been a distributor for this product for over 12 years.

We have one of the largest inventories of all GenerLink distributors in Canada, and strive to meet our new and existing customers' needs.  We have mulitple cord lengths in stock and available.

20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 foot cords available.  80 and 100 foot cords are limited stock, but are available.

We offer next day shipping!  Delivery within 1-7 business days, depending on location.

Check out this video. It will better explain how the GenerLink works, and how easy it is to use!


Our Store Hours:

8-5 pm Mon - Friday



Thank you!

Steve Stewart

Shipping costs average between $48.00 and $58.00 depending on location, value and weight.

Watch our how to use it video below. Hi speed is necessary. 

Listed below are the provinces that have approved the GenerLink.   Please note the other brand name for the GenerLink is Genersafe.  Same product different name.

NS, NFLD,  PEI, ON, MAN, NB, SK, YK.   Que & BC are NO SHIP

Safe Generator Connection

  • GenerLinkEliminates the use of extension cords and other hazardous connections
  • Provides a safe connection from the electric meter directly to the generator
  • Detects when a generator is operating and automatically disconnects from the utility grid
  • Eliminates dangerous back feed
Benefits of GenerLink™:
  • Easiest and safest generator connection
  • Allows customers to run virtually any appliances up to capacity of their generator
  • Easily installed behind the electric meter by a certified LCEC technician
  • Connection at the meter keeps your portable generator outside where it’s safe
  • 7 year warranty

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