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Consider optional cold weather equipment like a battery warmer, oil pan heater, Tank heaters, Automatic Temp Controller or a FreezeAlarm for your cottage, home or business. If you will be traveling for more than a week at a time the FreezeAlarm does more than just call when the temperature drops. It also calls if the temperature rises to high and for us more importantly it monitors your automatic generator and calls us if it fails to start for some reason. Now that is peace of mind!

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Double Conversion UPS's are the best class of UPS's available from a technological standpoint. They are ideal for use with a power generator.

By using "double conversion", in effect the UPS converts the incoming power into DC and then back into AC. In the process of doing so, the power is cleaned and so regardless of the quality and level of the power available from the wall outlet/generator, the UPS will always output a clean, steady, 110 volts.

Additionally, because of the technology being used, there is almost no switchover time to battery power in the event of power loss.

NOTE: To ensure a clean and steady power output with a generator you need a "double conversion" UPS. This is important for equipment that is sensitive to power fluctuations such as audio recording equipment, certain medical and diagnostic equipment, office telephone systems and computer/server systems.

We do carry all major brands and can give you the right UPS solution based on your generator and equipment.

Please contact us for more information and a quote on a UPS system.


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