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Accessories - Tank Top Covers

Tank Top - Before Tank Top - after
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Whether you are on a lake, in the mountains, or in the country, the comfort and convenience that propane provides is unmatched. We use propane to heat our homes, cook our food and run our generators. Propane can provide all the amenities that a family requires in the most remote locations that any family could desire.

The only real drawback of propane service is the unsightly tank.

We have all tried to landscape around our propane tanks, with the same result. Instead of making the propane tank blend in and disappear, it seems to those who pass our homes, that we have built a shrine to the tank. We even know people who refuse to get propane service because of the tank.

As proud homeowners we have devised a solution to vastly improve the appearance of your propane tank. We are pleased to Introduce . . .

The Original TankTop Brand Propane Tank Covers

The Original Tank TopDesigned for everyone who cringes at the appearance of an unsightly propane tank; The Original TankTop Brand Propane Tank Covers provide a safe, simple, cost-effective method whereby your propane tank virtually disappears into your gorgeous landscape.

Each TankTop Brand propane tank cover is made of breathable and fire-resistant polyester. The propane tank cover fits around the valve housing, leaving it free for easy re-fuelling.

Currently, we offer TankTop brand propane tank covers that fit 500-gallon propane tanks, 330-gallon propane tanks and 420-Ibs propane cylinders. Call your provider to confirm your tank or cylinder size.

Camouflage Propane Cylinder Cover
500 Gallon Tank
330 Gallon Tank $59.99
420 lbs. Cyl. $29.99


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