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Mastercube Surge Protector Mastercube Surge Protector

Model: F9H120ttCW

Main Features

  • Surge suppressor ( external )
  • AC 110 V
  • 1 Output connector (3 prong)
  • 1- Tel in jack
  • 2- Tel out jacks for Telephones, Fax machines, modems.


A thunderous strike of lightning flickers across the night's sky. Your appliances and electronics cringe, as the storm looms ever closer, wondering if this will be their last day working. Of course not, they're connected to a Belkin SurgeMaster. They are protected! The SurgeMaster keeps your household electronics protected from power surges and overvoltages.

The Mastercube protects telephones, modems, fax machines, satellite receivers, freezalarms / auto dialers, video games and more.  This product also comes with a $50,000 connected equipment warranty and a lifetime product warranty.

Power Device

Circuit Protection:   Circuit breaker
Form Factor (AG):   External
Frequency Required:   60 Hz
Input Connector Qty:   1
Input Connector Type:   Power
Load Rating:   Individual PC
Output Connector Qty:   1
Surge Suppression:   Standard
Voltage Provided:   AC 110 V
Telephone Jacks:       

2 Surge Protected

Mastercube Surge Protector


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