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Make sure to remove the paint from the metal oil pan under the pad location. It will provide better conduction of heat to the pan and oil.

Freeze Alarms - IntermediateAccessories - Freeze Alarms

Intermediate & Deluxe models are equipped
with a power outage sensor that
allows Generator Solutions
to monitor their generator 24/7.

Basic Freeze Alarm

The Basic Freeze Alarm provides the most cost effective means to protect your home, cottage or business against winter freeze up and the resulting water damage caused by burst pipes.

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Intermediate Freeze Alarm

The Intermediate Freeze Alarm has a Quick Status Feature that allows you to hear the current temperature, power status and battery status with a simple 15 second phone call! This model calls up to three phone numbers and alerts you with a voice message if the temperature gets too cold or too hot, if the power fails, or if the back-up battery requires replacing. Easy programming, automatic reset, and a quick programming set-up is what makes this our best Freeze Alarm ever.

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Deluxe Freeze Alarm

The Deluxe Freeze Alarm provides easy, low cost protection against falling or rising temperatures and prolonged power failures. The Deluxe Freeze Alarm is not only perfect for monitoring a home or cottage, but is also great for monitoring rising temperatures in a home, refrigerator, walk-in cooler/freezer, computer room or greenhouse. The Pre-Heat/Cool Feature allows you to turn up or down the heat or air conditioning with a phone call.

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