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Freeze Alarm - Intermediate
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Accessories - Freeze Alarms

Intermediate Freeze Alarm

The Intermediate Freeze Alarm has a Quick Status Feature that allows you to hear the current temperature, power status and battery status with a simple 15 second phone call! This model calls up to three phone numbers and alerts you with a voice message if the temperature gets too cold or too hot, if the power fails, or if the back-up battery requires replacing. Easy programming, automatic reset, and a quick programming setup is what makes this our best Freeze Alarm ever.

Enjoy peace of mind with the Intermediate model because you can call your Freeze Alarm from any phone in the world to access the Quick Status Feature or to change the settings and phone numbers remotely.

Cleaner and easier to understand voice messages in English tell you exactly what is happening at the monitored location.

The Intermediate Freeze Alarm has the following features:

  • Calls up to three phone numbers to alert you of one of the three alarm emergencies at your remote monitored location.
  • Allows you to call into your Freeze Alarm and check the current temperature, power status and even remotely program the unit from any phone in the world.
  • Incoming Ring count allows you to select the number of rings the Freeze Alarm will hear before it will pick up.
  • Customized Message allows you to customize both the greeting message and the alarm condition message.
  • Easy set-up and programming-simply plug in a phone and the unit literally "talks" you through the set-up.
  • The power outage sensing capabilities allows Generator Solutions to monitor any generator 24/7.

This model is Fahrenheit or Celsius selectable. The temperature sensor is included with this unit.

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