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Make sure to remove the paint from the metal oil pan under the pad location. It will provide better conduction of heat to the pan and oil.
Freeze Alarm - Deluxe
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Accessories - Freeze Alarms

Deluxe Freeze Alarm

The Deluxe Freeze Alarm provides easy, low cost protection against falling or rising temperatures and prolonged power failures. The Deluxe Freeze Alarm is not only perfect for monitoring a home or cottage, but is also great for monitoring rising temperatures in a home, refrigerator, walk-in cooler/freezer, computer room or greenhouse. The Pre-Heat/Cool Feature allows you to turn up or down the heat or air conditioning with a phone call.

Other features include:

  • Automatically calls up to three phone numbers if the temperature gets out of range, the power goes out or if the back-up battery requires replacing.
  • Quick Status Check feature allows you to check the current temperature, power and back-up battery status all with a simple, 15 second phone call.
  • Monitors both a high and low temperature set point at the same time making it perfect for monitoring a deep freezer, walk-in cooler, floral cooler, green house or garage.
  • Pre-Heat or Cool your home, cottage or cottage with a phone call.
  • Add our Water Siren (WS-04) to be alerted by phone of water leaks or flooding.
  • Add our MiniAlarm Motion Sensor (MA-S01) to be alerted if intruders have broken into your monitored property.
  • Power Out Timer allows you to select the amount of time the power must be out before it calls you with a power out alarm. This helps prevent unwanted alarm calls from short power failures.
  • Security code prevents unauthorized access.
  • Listen to temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees.
  • The power outage sensing capabilities allows Generator Solutions to monitor any generator 24/7.

The Deluxe Freeze Alarm easily works with answering machines or voice mail. If you have an answering machine or voice mail at the location you are monitoring, you can still receive messages or you can access your Freeze Alarm through a simple procedure. If the Freeze Alarm is calling locations that have voice mail or answering machines, you will hear all or a portion of the alarm message on your message system.

The Deluxe Freeze Alarm uses your existing telephone line to make outgoing alarm calls. You do not need an additional line, but you do need a regular telephone line. Some DSL and digital phone systems work just fine, but testing with these systems is essential.

The Freeze Alarm plugs into a regular 110V power outlet, but uses a 9V lithium battery back-up power. The 9V lithium battery is not included.

The temperature sensor (TS-10-FA) is included with the unit.

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