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Consider optional cold weather equipment like a battery warmer, oil pan heater, Tank heaters, Automatic Temp Controller or a FreezeAlarm for your cottage, home or business. If you will be traveling for more than a week at a time the FreezeAlarm does more than just call when the temperature drops. It also calls if the temperature rises to high and for us more importantly it monitors your automatic generator and calls us if it fails to start for some reason. Now that is peace of mind!

Battery WarmerAccessories - Battery Warmer

Get More Power From Your Battery
Up To 60% More Power !!!

Made in CanadaMade in Canada

Cold temperatures dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the chemical reactions within the battery, while increasing the battery's internal resistance. Both of these factors cause a reduction in cranking power as the temperature drops. Batteries left in a discharged state can freeze.

Battery Warmer Chart

A fully charged battery will only produce 40% power at 0°F (-18°C)
even if the battery is new and in good condition.

Battery Warmer
Battery Warmer
28" - 50W 120V $39.99 Buy Now
36" - 80W 120 $39.99
Special: $24.00
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